Sunday, March 27, 2011

I think I have finally found a new muse. Lily was adopted from an animal shelter. There are a lot of bunnies in shelters, and with Easter coming, I am afraid there will be more. Adoption is so rewarding for both the animal and the owner. Lily has found her forever home!

I had to hold myself back from overworking this study. To reward myself I am working on a very tight pen and ink of her now. I limited the colors and tried to keep it loose.

A day spent at the coast yesterday, it was to cold and windy to paint outside, but I soaked up the scenery and came home with two tubes of paint and some other art toys. We met a really nice woman in the art store, who shared her little journal with us. She keeps it with her all the time, it is small and just full of the beauty she sees every day. You can also see she is a very proud grandma! I love talking with other artists, you can exchange a lot, using sentences that don't make a ton of sense to other people.