Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 80

A pastel of sunset at Lamoine State Park. This park has camping right on Frenchman's Bay, and is close to Acadia National Park. We have gone there for years, usually right after Labor Day. There are working lobster boats moored right off shore, and if you are not a sound sleeper, you can hear them take off in the early morning to haul traps.

Well, I have spent a small fortune on art supplies over the last few days! What fun. I ordered a Terry Ludwig set and can't wait to try them. One small order with just a few colors came in today for me to play with later. I finally broke down and ordered mat board, so now I will cover the pool table and get to work matting some of these 80 paintings I have done since Oct 1st. Some are going to be framed and some are going in the wood stove!