Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct 7, One Week of Paintings

I woke up early this am still feeling very spleeny about yesterday's painting. I wondered if I should just paint the same thing every day until I "got it", should I just paint water for a while? Then I realized I was not doing this Painting a Day project to punish myself..and I was expecting way to much to think I would love everything I produced. So I am plugging on.

I can already see progress in just a short week, I can imagine what it will be like in a year when I will have 365 paintings to look at next Oct 1st.....

This is a hat hanging inside the door of the Olsen House in Cushing Maine. The house is not "furnished", but each room has a little touch of something that reminds you of the lives of the Olsen's, and what drew Andrew Wyeth there to paint. It feels like being in church to walk through those rooms and see what Mr. Wyeth captured so well.