Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 40

There are a cluster of old inns in Boothbay Harbor Maine that must compete for the most glorious flowers. Most are built on steep hills, and I wonder how many people really enjoy them, you need to park that car and walk!

Day 39

Finally I am getting the hang of pastels. My "intent" with this painting was simply to get the correct values and I feel like it was a success!

This home is one of my favorites it town. A beautiful spot with excellent views of the mountains. The owners generously allow snowmobiles to cross their land, and kindly let me ride my horses through their fields for years. One of the special things about Maine are the many landowners that allow others to enjoy their property.

Day 37 and 38

One of the wonderful buildings on the way into Vinalhaven. The ferry ride from Rockland is such a nice treat for the eyes. There are some parts of this watercolor that I am happy with!

This study of our sailboat is my first go at Inktense pencils. They are very interesting, bright colors. Next time I will select just a few and work with those....I got a little carried away here. And a poorly drawn boat cannot be saved. More practice!