Tuesday, February 16, 2010

17 degrees, very little snow here in Weld. We are expecting a little today, I am hoping we have enough to cover the ground, bare ground in Feb is not pretty!

Today I join many of my customers in the long wait for a package! It has not even shipped yet and I am waiting eagerly. I broke down and ordered a beautiful field easel this weekend. I have been searching for just the right one, and think I found it. It has four legs, which I feel will be sturdier. I weighs ten pounds so I can carry it for a while..and I can keep it set up in the studio where I have desperately needed a second easel. I also broke down and ordered my first sable brush. I have so many brushes, but I am slowly finding which ones I love, and hopefully this sable will join the pack!

Large moose went through the yard last night, I am glad the horse was in. I must remember to check the fence this morning before I let Milford out. Moose roaming around is a sign of Spring!!

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