Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26

Today I had a little talk with myself, and we decided that I really could do watercolor animals, I just needed to stick to one brush, three colors and only touch the surface one time: in other words, no fiddling!  I am very  happy with the result, and just hope I learn from my mistakes!  This is a pretty decent depiction of my cat Manny.

Today's big adventure will be to see if I can hook up my zip drive to the laptop I am using now.  I think I put a bunch of photos on zips before we got rid of my last PC....but you never know.  I am worried about drivers, it seems when I want to use old things on my new computers, I can't get drivers. I have a very cool program that will digitize photos and turn them into embroidery files for my embroidery machine, but I can't find a new driver.  I hope the zip drive is an exception!

After posting this pic on Wet Canvas I got some great constructive criticism, and redid the painting, can you see the difference?

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